Eduard Micus: Permanent Engagement With Contrast

In memory of the artistic work of German artist Eduard Micus (1925-2000) and on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death, an exhibition about his life's work is running in the gallery “Espacio Micus” in Ibiza.

He himself founded the gallery at Jesús in 1989, which to this day shows works by numerous other contemporary artists under its roof. The artist fell in love with the island during one of his visits and decided in 1972 to settle in Ibiza with his family.

On the occasion of the founder's death, it was decided to organize a sculptural exhibition to commemorate the years in Ibiza: "Only when you show the entire work can you give visitors a full understanding of how much the painter was inspired by the Mediterranean island." 

The organic and rough whitewashed Finca chalk walls became the container for his work, which is bathed in daylight in the various rooms through the windows of the ceiling. The pieces are in dialogue with each other and lead through the seasons.

Micus' pictorial representations can be understood as a permanent engagement with contrast. The effects of light, which fill and empty the rooms, are hiding the innermost part of his work, and in the same time illuminating the viewer.

Foto: PR
Text: Camino Group - Agencia de Comunicación
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