The Ibiza Netflix Series “White Lines” Ends In The Archive

The Netflix series "White Lines" will be stopped after one season: Cocaine chaos and other Ibiza clichés did not reach enough viewers. The end comes as a surprise for some fans because until recently it was said that a second sequel is in the making. 

International locations were planned as filming locations, but the worldwide travel restrictions would have thwarted the project, according to the producers.

The series comes from the pen of the creator of "Money Heist", Álex Pina, and tells the story of the mysterious murder of Ibiza DJ Axel Collins.

The reviews weren't particularly good: “White Lines” serves the common Ibiza clichés of coke and party excesses, additionally whipped up with bloody violence, lots of criminal action and peppered with corpses. After the broadcast of the first ten episodes the plans for a second series ended up in the trash. 

"White Lines" actor Daniel Mays posted on Instagram that after the reports of the press “I post with a heavy heart” that there will be no continuation. 

Although the action mostly takes place in Ibiza, the majority of the scenes were shot in Mallorca, which caused great disappointment and malice among many real Ibiza friends. It is known that it is very difficult to get a filming permit in Ibiza. So the producers moved to the neighboring island for the shoot. The story is about a DJ who disappears in the 1990s and whose remains appear two decades later. His sister embarks on a search for clues and immerses herself in Ibiza's nightclub scene.

There is currently criticism of Netflix from all sides, not only because of the flat content of “White Lines”. The streaming platform has faced strong headwinds in the past few weeks due to child pornography content in one of their latest productions, “Cuties”.

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Text: Camino Group - Agencia de Comunicación

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