Ibizan Artist Behpour Creates Visual Excitement In Real Time

Behzad Behpour, who started painting in Iran, studied art in New York and now lives in Hamburg and Ibiza, is inspired by the wild and exciting colors of nature to use in his work.

His motto is: the more spectators that are involved in the creation process, the better. The event artist can be seen at Cova Santa where he came up with something very special for the Woomoon parties: “real-time paintings” that are created live and are an exciting symbiosis between a woman (his artist friend Nicole Schänzle), and him. "When I paint live for an audience, it has to be something brave," says Behpour.

Horns are a “multi-dimensional feature” whose symbolism runs through the writings of the eighteenth century. For Behpour, Aries represents a woman's strength and how powerful she can be. The original idea for this representation came to him in Hamburg during an interview with the famous cook and actor Tim Mälzer in the Sternschanze.

The encounter in Mälzer's restaurant Bullerei, which is decorated with “great and obscure art”, was the beginning of the Aries series. At the East Hotel in Hamburg, Behzad created the first picture at a live painting show. “The picture needs to be intoxicating. I want to bring the same colors that you see in nature to the human body.”

His large-format pictures captivate with their colors, but also with the techniques he uses to mix. “I want to create a visual excitement for the audience that I then incorporate into the painting.”

Foto: PR
Text: Camino Group - Agencia de Comunicación

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