Simon Bolz' Sensual Excursions To Ibiza

Simon Bolz is one of the best-known German erotica photographers and regularly produces for magazines as Playboy, among others. Some of his photo spreads in recent time were shot in Ibiza.

A selection of those images can be found in Bolz’s illustrated book “Sublime”, which was recently published.

After the success of his first work “Frisky” in 2014, the man from Frankfurt decided to create another collection. He worked on the motifs for four years. None of the pictures had been published before.

Bolz produces stories in which he celebrates the beauty of women. His photos invite you to dream. They smell of sun-tanned skin and tell of freedom.

Bolz keeps himself always in the background during his work. “I always used to think my sensitivity was a weakness. I now know that it takes precisely this sensitivity to capture sensuality in pictures. "

The 42-year-old takes the viewer on sensual excursions, on a trip from Riga via Ibiza to Chuchurumbache. He gives private insights into apartments, goes diving in the Mediterranean, takes a road trip in a DeLorean, rides on horseback and has many other adventures - all with beautiful young women.

Sometimes casual and confident, sometimes innocent and shy, they show their most beautiful side in “Sublime” where the photographer manages to sense and capture real moments. Bolz is critical about the overstimulation of the senses and the ever faster media. Decelerating and taking time to look at photos on paper is a trend that, in his opinion, should come back.

Foto: Simon Bolz
Text: Camino Group - Agencia de Comunicación

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